2500cc Opposed Rotary Piston Engine

4 x power cycles per RPM equal to a V8.

Equivalent power output of a 5 litre V8.

Weighing less than 70kg.

4 x less weight and 4 x smaller than it’s equivalent.

Only 20 parts in the whole engine with only 6 parts moving.

Scalable design with no complicated machining.

Very easy to maintain and extremely cheap to manufacture.

Easily Silenced
Low Carbon Footprint
Multi Fuel Capabilities
Low Whole Cost of Life

Primary Market:

Drone/UAV Powerplant

Secondary Market:

Range Extender Hybrid LGV/HGV


Other possible applications include:

Marine Outboard Motor
Compressor (gas)
Expander (gas)
Steam Turbine
Vacuum Pump


4 x Lighter

4 x Smaller

Twice the Power Delivery per RPM

Smooth Power Delivery

Low Cost of Production

Low Whole-Life Cost

Low Carbon Footprint

Multi-fuel Capability

Low Noise

Scalable Design

Multiple Applications

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